How To Change Your Life By Changing Your Mind

Grandmother Pa'Ris'Ha

I am hearing what is being called today “new consciousness discoveries” I see a swarm of interest in what I have taken for granted over the past twenty years. My Cherokee Elder, Parisha Taylor has taught this wisdom all her life, and has told hundreds of thousands that “Mind Child” as she calls it is the new frontier and final stage of mans evolution into full consciousness and the beginning of our thousand years of illuminated life. She said quantum physics revealed all this knowledge a hundred years ago! So where have we all been? There have been masters walking among us and we have sleep thought it all for years? So the wheels have begun to turn and Grandmother Parisha Taylor said it is now the predicted time for Mankind to awake. All is as it needs be, and we will all make the jump! Thank goodness for that statement!

As I review my many years in this path and how much I have been given in wisdom I know now, I, along with thousands of others need to share and seed the wisdoms given us and teach and write our stories. How we have stumbled and fallen and Grandmother would be  the courage and strength, the love and faith needed until we could get back up. Over these years how many times my Elder reached into my madness and pulled me out! How many times it took before I accepted who I am and what my purpose here is all about. The rewarding changes I have had to make, and how much resistance I went through to get here at this point of my life. I literally have had to recreate myself, and be liberated from a life of environmental programming and genetic patterns of insane past generations of family genetics. And the clear, simple truth is as my Elder has said, Mind is the Child!

The following is a review of some of the material My Elder Grandmother Parisha Taylor has us look closely at so we could learn the science behind the medicine teachings she has been giving us over the last 20 years.

In the world of Quantum Physics we are living in a world of energy or molecules suspended in time in the Imaginal Realm until we think them into form. Dr. Fred Alan Wolf, from the films The Secret and What The Bleep Do We Know? explains in his books Mind into Matter and Matter into Feeling that this creation process occurs on a time loop. We first create a goal with a desired outcome. Once we make a firm decision to achieve that outcome it is already created, in the future, at the other end of the time loop. “Without the end already set in the future the “story” does not arise.” As we start taking the necessary steps to achieve this goal by creating a plan of action, journaling and visualizing the goal already achieved, it starts taking form along the time loop forward into the future. At the same time the outcome is making its way back to our present time. What happens in between is a mixture of suspended molecules taking shape and form as the universe re adjusts itself to accommodate your desired outcome, which is why it most often comes back in a different form than you envisioned. My favorite quote from Mind into Matter is “when the link becomes apparent”. As you move forward on the time loop toward your goal, you start to catch clues coming back on the time loop from the future confirming that you are on the right track and are creating your desired outcome. Every time we recognize this happening we are to acknowledge it, thereby reinforcing this new knowledge as wisdom and re-wiring the neural nets in our brains. So why then do we sometimes fail in materializing our goals? The deciding factor in achieving any desired outcome is what goes on in our minds and our brains!

Dr. Joe Dispenza, the Create Your Day guy from What The Bleep, says in his book Evolve Your Brain that the mind is the working brain or the “brain in action”. The brain, like a computer has two operating systems, each with it’s own appropriate hardware. Our Conscious mind is based in the NEOCORTEX area of the brain and is the seat of our FREE WILL or what makes us SELF-AWARE. The Subconscious mind is based in the MIDBRAIN,CEREBELLUM and BRAINSTEM and is where we are connected to THE SOURCE. The FRONTAL LOBE allows us to place sustained and focused attention on any one thing. “The most recent findings in neuroscience is that to change the brain’s architecture we have to pay attention to our experiences in any given moment. Passive stimulation of our brain circuits, without our paying attention to the stimulus and without putting awareness on what is being processed, causes no internal changes in the brain”.

Therefore to attract or create something new in your life we must practice “mental rehearsal”. The repetition of new thoughts changes how the brain and mind works. Conscious thoughts repeated often enough become unconscious thinking. Through Free Will we always have a choice. We can passively allow what ever thoughts, response patterns or chatter that has been programmed or wired into our brains through the media, our parents etc. to dictate what we create, or we can tap into THE SOURCE or the NOW by being in PRESENT TIME for some profound insights. We can also, with focused intention Evolve Our Brains to create a better world for ourselves and those around us. The more we take back and maintain control of our own minds the closer we come to full consciousness and our original divinity.

I am currently producing the On Eagles Wings Podcast covering Dr. Joe Dispenza’s material in combination with  Cherokee Elder Grandmother Parisha Taylor ancient teachings and practical applications through goal setting.


And the link becomes apparent…

This is my favorite quantum term from Dr Fred Alan Wolf.   I am encouraged that it will happen more frequently as I continue to develop courage to move through the unknown on a daily basis. The reason I love this phrase so much is because of the internal excitement it creates in me when it happens. It reminds me of that being in love feeling. There is a tingle from my solar plexus that rushes through my whole being which leads me to believe that this is how it must feel when you are physically connected to spirit. Would love to hear from people who have passed over and come back regarding the physical sensations they experienced during the transformation.

From Physics Dept, University of Manitoba

From Physics Dept, University of Manitoba

Because of my teacher and Elder Parisha Taylor, I have adopted a lifestyle that is based on goals and outcomes while staying in present time and engaging the observer.  In the early years of my training with her the subject of my personal power came up on a regular basis.  She spent a lot of time helping me to stop playing the victim and allow myself to be.  Taking back control of my life while moving through it creating as I go has made me a little nervous sometimes when I don’t know which path to take to achieve a goal or get to a specific outcome.

Without specific goals and outcomes we are susceptible to the desired goals and outcomes of others as we move through their realities and since there is no separation those with the strongest focus lead the way.

I tend to move too quickly as I have mostly removed procrastination from my reality.   I had not given myself enough time to consolidate,  be still and get in touch with present time to see where I really am in time. When I can’t make up my mind as to which path to take I know I am caught between parallel worlds and I could end up in a world and outcome I do not want. So when I have put so much into a plan that I need to stop and let the universe catch up that’s when it happens. The link becomes apparent.  It’s like a series of flashes that come quickly as each event reveals itself and shows how it will lead into another.

Now if I can just pace myself and increase the amount of time I stay in present time, engaging the observer, I can assess where I am at.  I will decrease the anxious stress about my not knowing the how’s of the attainment of my goals and will be better able to follow my own map as I am co creating it with the universe.  I appreciate everyone who is  brave enough to enter my reality with me as it can be a scary but exciting ride!